2013 Specter GT3
Release Date: December 27, 2012


2013 Shimmy Specter GT3 concept car is one the fastest, most powerful cars Shimmy Auto has created, charging out more than 1000bhp. The GT3 comes packed with an insanely powerful Twin SuperCharged V8 engine paired with lightweight carbon fiber components and aluminium body panels. The entire car is covered with vents and scoops that cool the engine, making for a staggering driving experience. Entire sections of the original Specter have been redesigned and reshaped into what you see here; the most amazing Specter yet. The Hypersports version of the Specter is the last iteration of the current-generation Specter, following the original and Roadster versions. The GT3 takes a lot of inspiration from Koenigsegg supercars, as exemplary models of lightweight V8 power. All of the specifications for the Specter GT3 are conceptual, but they draw from real-life examples to avoid becoming too far fetched.


ENGINE:  Twin-Supercharged V8 with 1022hp

MPG: Average / 14

SPEED:  0-60mph in  2.6 seconds, Top Speed of 252mph


 The Specter GT3 is the highest caliber Specter to date, rivaling the monumental 2011 Motive in pure power. To achieve this, the GT3 is covered in Carbon Fiber components; some painted, some not; to reach a low curb weight. The GT3 showcases lots of features from GT race cars, including a massive spoiler, ventilated side-skirts and a Aero front end, redesigned for the new model. The GT3 has been rethought all-around to match its staggering specifications.

2013 Specter Roadster
Release Date: November 10, 2012


The 2013 Specter Roadster is officially the first car in Shimmy Auto's 2013 LineUp, but it falls under a 2012 release date. The Specter Roadster isn't  just a convertible version of the original 2012 Specter; it's much more than that. The Roadster features buffed up body lines and a redesigned back end; these features capitalize on the unique look of the Specter, giving it a more aggressive and powerful demeanor. The Roadster's interior is almost entirely carbon-fibre. The interior is based on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, and manages to capture the exterior soul of the Specter and put it inside and around the steering wheel. It's the best thing to happen to the Specter yet; a pure step-up in aesthetics and high-tech thinking for this newcomer from Shimmy Auto. 


ENGINE:  Twin-Turbo V8 with 622hp

MPG: Average / 30

SPEED:  0-60mph in  3.1 seconds, Top Speed of 206mph


 The Roadster in its convertible nature loses some of the original Specter's speed, but it manages to squeeze every last drop of performance out of its headless body. The engine; which loses only 8 horsepower in the struggle for additional torque; is equipped with Active Engine Lifts, linking the car and the engine together. This helps the weight become distributed and the link between both ends of the car become strengthened. The Roadster is also fit with loads of carbon fiber to compensate for the extra components added in order to allow the Roadster to be a roadster. The bounty of lightweight components and state-of-the-art solutions make the Specter Roadster the best it can be, and that just happens to be pretty damn good.